About Self Made Gear

Self Made Gear was created by Mr. Jermale Davis.

Jermale Davis was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas as the youngest of three boys. Growing up he experienced a lot of turmoil & violence. He also had to deal with the tragedy of losing his Mother at the age of 16. Even though he tried to avoid all the violence and unrest around him, it still had an effect.

Eventually he found himself in a lot of trouble because he was challenged by some friends and made a decision and reacted without thinking first. After this experience, he created the "TFR2" motto which means Think First, React Second. This is more than a motto though, its a mantra and something everyone should aspire to achieve.

It is Jermale's desire to reach out to people and promote positivity by sharing the TFR2 motto far and wide. With that in mind, he creacted Self Made Gear positive lifestyle clothing to remind everyone to live a positive, TFR2 lifestyle to make life easier to enjoy! If you approach every situation with TFR2 up front, you can respect what comes with the decision you made in that moment because you know you did it the right way.

Thanks for taking the time to read our history and we hope you will help Jermale in his dream to spread the word about TFR2 and living a positive lifestyle.